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tia Productions

a small boutique-style production company based in Johannesburg, South Africa
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Hello, we are TIA Productions.

Owned and run by Director Tarryn Crossman , TIA is a small, boutique-style production company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. After working as a Producer and director in the industry for 10 years, most notably as the senior producer at MTV Africa, Tarryn started TIA Productions in 2012 in order to make films she really believed in.

Our goal is to create international quality documentary films, as well as short and long-form TV productions. But, no matter what it is we’re working on, our focus is always on powerful storytelling supported by beautiful visuals.

We are always hands-on and dedicated to the project. We work with a loyal network of exceptionally talented film professionals, who are passionate about the work we produce. It allows us to put together the perfect team for each and every job we work on.

Enough talking. Have a look at some of our latest work here . If you like what you see, give us a call and let’s make something great.

Right now we're super excited about...

Hyena Boys

This is a film about a family business. A family that capture and tame hyenas, baboons and pythons and use them in their urban circus. Follow Nigeria’s elusive hyena boys into their secret world of animal magic and voodoo.
*DVD's are for sale

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...And what they've said...

  • "Working with TIA was an absolute pleasure. I felt Tarryn and her team understood the brief from the start and more than delivered, nothing was impossible and there was always a solution to any problem. TIA was available24/7 and responded immediately to feedback and requests. The crew and production team were professional, experienced, creative and very talented. I would not hesitate to work with them again." Kamilla of Coca-Cola RockCorps

  • "There are production houses that are meticulous at planing, others that have abundant talent. Tia has all of these. However it is that certain something that je ne said quoin that really makes them great." Paul Anderson of DDB South Africa

  • I used Tia to produce a series of viral videos for my biggest client. And, it was a joy. Tarryn's most important skill is her ability to tell people's stories, no matter how big or small they are, and she always got the best out of her subjects. She was helpful, solution-driven and always available. The end products far exceeded my expectations. When it comes to film making and video storytelling, I'd choose Tarryn and her team, every time. - Kim Garner of Content Bar

Work We've Done

Meet The Team

Tarryn Crossman

Producer, Director

Tarryn has been producing and directing content for over 10 years,
most notably as a senior producer at MTV Africa, where she was solely
responsible for producing content from 48 African territories.

Tarryn has extensive experience working in Africa In 2011, she moved to
New York to Study at the New York Film Academy.

She started TIA when she returned to South Africa. Over the past 2 years
TIA has become an award winning production company. Producing work for
clients locally and internationally.

View Tarryn's work on YouTube // View Tarryn's work on Vimeo

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We would love to hear from you. Whether its to give some feedback or just to chat, get in touch by completing the form below or directly via our contact information on the right.

Tarryn Crossman

+27 (82) 536 6493